Clip-on Nighttime Blue Light Blocking Glasses

£24.99 £21.99


Clip-on Nighttime Blue Light Blocking Glasses

£24.99 £21.99

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The verdict is in – exposure to artificial light after sunset is damaging every aspect of our lives including our sleep, mood, motivation, physical, mental and even sexual performance.

Despite this, 90% of us admit to using technology devices during the hours prior to bed.

When unfiltered, all devices including phones, TVs, laptops, computers and other forms LED lighting give off blue and green light frequencies which are destroying your brain’s ability to rest and recover at night.

While it’s recommended to turn off all technology two hours before bed, we don’t expect that 90% of us will be able to change this habit overnight.

Artificial light blocking glasses are scientifically proven to protect you against late-night technology use by blocking harmful light frequencies, allowing you to rest, recover and function at your best.

Our blue light blocking glasses are evidence-based and reality checked…. read on to learn more about the research behind blue light blockers.

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Our Glasses are Proven by Science to Protect Your Sleep

Every night from birth until death, when the sun goes down and darkness occurs, our brain’s pineal gland should produce vast amounts of a hormone called melatonin.

Melatonin causes us to feel tired, less alert, and eventually fall asleep.

The problem is that modern artificial lighting tricks our brain into thinking that it’s still daytime. This reduces the amount of melatonin our brain produces at night, destroying our sleep quality and, as a result, our overall health.

If we want to live in good health, we MUST protect our brain’s ability to produce melatonin at all costs.

ANY exposure to blue and green light frequencies at night (the main components of modern LED screens and light bulbs) prevents our brain from calming down, producing melatonin and getting a good night’s sleep.

Our eco-friendly bamboo blue blockers are the perfect safety net to you help cut out damaging types of light, protecting and enhancing your health.

Peer-reviewed scientific research has shown that:

  • There was a 56% difference in melatonin levels between individuals who wore blue light blocking glasses compared to those who wore grey lenses (Sasseville et al. 2006).
  • Wearing blue light glasses for three hours prior to bed results in improvements in mood and sleep quality compared to wearing clear lenses (Burkhart & Phelps, 2009).
  • Teens who wear blue light blocking glasses experience increased melatonin levels and decreased attention and alertness before bedtime (van der Lely et al. 2015).
  • First year undergraduate students with sleep complaints who wear blue light blocking glasses for three hours before bedtime sleep longer, wake up less during the night and exhibit changes in areas of the brain related to improved mood (Algorta et al. 2018).

Our glasses are for ANYONE who wants to protect and enhance their sleep and health while still living in a modern environment.

All of our lenses are laboratory-produced ensuring quality in every pair. They have been tested by an independent laboratory, who have shown that they block 99% of blue wavelength light (400-495 nm), which has been shown by Harvard University research to disrupt our sleep and increase our risk of type-2 diabetes, depression, heart disease, anxiety and cancer.


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