Transparent Frame Daytime Blue Light Blocking Glasses

£39.99 £34.99


Transparent Frame Daytime Blue Light Blocking Glasses

£39.99 £34.99

** We have now SOLD OUT of our first batch of daytime blue light blocking glasses. They’ve been so popular that we’ve decided to extend our introductory pre-sale offer until our next stock arrive. This means that if you place a pre order before our next batch arrives you can still purchase them for £34.99. If you place a backorder we will notify you as soon as your glasses are available for dispatch! **

The world that we live in completely surrounded by LED lights and screens. We spend an average of 9 hours a day in front of our digital devices which emit harmful blue light that can cause headaches, migraines, eye-strain, fatigue and poor sleep.

If our eyes aren’t protected against this overexposure, these types of light’s can be extremely detrimental to our health. 

Our daytime lenses are specially developed for people who spent a lot of time indoors in front of blue LED light from digital devices such as smartphones, computers, TVs and Tablets. 

By wearing a pair of our daytime lenses you will:

  • Reduce eye strain
  • Reduce headaches and migraines
  • Increase energy
  • Improve sleep (although not as much as by wearing our nighttime lenses before bed).

They are the most effective daytime solution to protect you against the damaging exposure of blue light from your modern screens and devices.

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